Is it cheaper to take a bundled offer?

Sometimes it is.

If the bundled offer meets your needs: the type of communication, television, broadband Internet, connection speed, etc.

If you want a single bill (but what amount?).

If you want to get a discount for a couple of months.

If you can get a promotion for the installation, activation, rent or purchase of the material (modem, etc.). The operator has to specify the duration of the contract you have to subscribe to in order to get the promotion (that contract must not exceed 24 months). If the promotion also includes the advantage of a free or bargain price appliance sold by the operator and if you have signed a fixed-term contract, the operator has to annex a repayment table to the contract. In that table the residual value of the material for each month of the fixed-term contract's duration should be stated. Each month the same amount should be subtracted from the residual value of that equipment.


You have entered into a 12 month contract. When you signed the contract, you “bought” the appliance for € 1.

The repayment table annexed to the contract is shown below:


Residual value


€ 120


€ 110


€ 100


€ 90


€ 80


€ 70


€ 60


€ 50


€ 40


€ 30


€ 20


€ 10


€ 0

You decide to terminate the contract after 8 months.

The operator can demand a compensation of € 40.

Figure out how much it will cost!

  • consider what you will have to pay per month once the promotion has expired;
  • make sure the contract duration is reasonable (maximum one to two years);
  • if you are offered a free or nearly free cell phone or tablet, check elsewhere how much the model offered costs;
  • make sure that you can really use everything that is included in the offer.