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What do I have to do to benefit from international roaming?

The foreign operator can be chosen in two ways:

  • Your device is on automatic mode and the foreign operator is selected with a programme on the SIM card. Connection with this foreign operator is then automatically established. You don’t have to do anything.
  •  The automatic function is desabled. Aterwards you can manually select an operator, when you are abroad(*).  

Whether you have a subscription or a prepaid card is generally not important here(**).

GOOD TO KNOW : When the name of a foreign operator is displayed on the screen of your device, it means that your device is no longer connected to your usual operator but to the network of the foreign operator. From then on, when you are in Europe, you pay the Eurotariff for your calls (or the usual international tariff, when the Eurotariff does not apply).

If an international roaming contract was not concluded by your operator in your country of destination, you will need a subscription or a prepaid card from a local operator to make calls, to send SMSs or surf or to be reachable in that country from Belgium. Normally you will practically never be faced with this kind of situation in Europe. If you are planning to travel outside of Europe or to go in some countries of Eastern Europe (Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Moldavia, …), contact first your operator to ask him if international roaming contracts were concluded with the operators of these countries.

(*) Generally you have to follow this procedure on your device : Settings -> Phone -> Operator selection -> Manual. Consult the instructions of your device.

(**) However all international roaming agreements do not foresee international roaming for the subscriptions and the prepaid cards. In some countries there are more networks authorising subscriptions to make roaming than networks authorising roaming with prepaid cards. If you want to use your prepaid card abroad get first some information at your operator.