Wi-Fi network disturbed?

Sometimes the Wi-Fi network that you use at home does not work properly.

What might be the reasons for this?

Is the modem placed in a cleared space? The signal circulates better if the modem is placed in a cleared space, preferably higher up... Walls and doors are obstacles as well between you and the modem which is emitting the Wi-Fi signal...

You can also buy a signal repeater from your operator or in a specialty store (it will extend the signal range but may slow down the speed) as well as a « CPL homeplug », i.e. a small device, a part of which has to be connected to the modem and the other has to be plugged into a power socket in the room where you want to benefit from the Wi-Fi; in this case, the signal is transmitted through an electric cable.

Is the network congested? If there are too many Wi-Fi networks in the neighbourhood, those may disturb one another. In this case, you can modify the frequency used (see the operating instructions or contact your operator) or use a fixed connection (cable) rather than Wi-Fi to access the Internet.

Does equipment disturb the network? The devices or equipment have to have received the CE marking (electromagnetic compatibility) in order to be allowed to be used in Europe. Unauthorized equipment or equipment bought abroad may disturb devices which work according to European standards. LED lamps (for instance on lighting chains), Bluetooth devices, video cameras, wave jammers, etc. may thus cause disruptions to the Wi-Fi network.