Subscribing to an Internet service

The Internet service can be provided:

  • over a telephone line of the xDSL type provided by Proximus or an alternative operator (you do not need to have a telephone subscription)
  • over the TV cable (no need to have a subscription to the television services);
  • over the GSM (Edge, GPRS), 3G (UMTS or HSDPA) or 4G mobile network.

What do you need?

  • a subscription to an access line (over the telephone network, cable television network, mobile network);
  • a subscription with an Internet provider (TV cable, classic telephone line or mobile network);
  • a PC, a notebook, a tablet or a smartphone;
  • in case of a fixed solution mostly a modem, suitable in-house cabling, possibly an adapter for the network.

What speed and bandwidth do you need?

Depending on what use you want to make of your Internet connection, specific bit rates and bandwidths are recommended:

  • Mainly to surf and exchange e-mails?

In that case a 1 to 2 Mbps bit rate is enough. 

  • To download films and music?

In that case a minimum bit rate of 10 Mbps may be useful. Make sure that the downloadable volume is high or unlimited.

  • To play online games with others?

In that case a higher speed may be needed, depending on the nature of the game.

  • To watch Internet television?

In that case your provider may not leave you the choice of the type of connection.           

With the answers to those questions you can also use the tariff comparison tool to compare the offers available on the market:

It is also useful to find out whether it would save you money to switch over to another provider for each of the services, or to purchase two or more services from the same provider. 

Check whether the maximum speed advertised by the operator applies to your address (in some places the maximum speed can never be reached because of the distance to the operator's network switch). 

What quality of service do you need?

  • Should the connection be always available?

 Beware: the operators promise their best effort, but please check the quality promised and verify whether your operator undertakes to repair defects. 

  • Do you wish to have an online helpdesk?

Does the operator offer such a helpdesk? If so, at what times and at what rate (free phone number or not)?