What to do in case of radio interference

Radio interference can disrupt and render impossible the proper operation of transmitters and/or receivers. BIPT's NCS (the National Spectrum Monitoring Department) is responsible for "policing the radio waves" in the broad sense of the word.

For what kind of interference can I contact the NCS ?

  • interference disrupting the radio communications of companies, police services, emergency services, radio amateurs, CB enthusiasts, remote controls of scale models...
  • interference on maritime and aviation radio communications;
  • all types of interference experienced in radio equipment (baby alarm, remote control of garage door, ...);
  • to examine the cause of interference in the reception of radio and TV broadcasts, generally upon request of the competent Community. 

What about telephone interferences ?

Interference occurring in telephones should first be reported to your telephone operator. In case of external radiation coming from an authorised broadcasting station the operator can install a filter in the equipment to eliminate the interference. 

How can I report a case of interference ?

Cases of interference can be reported by post, telephone, fax or e-mail.

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