Equipment bought abroad and/or on the Internet

Equipment that is sale in Belgian shops will usually comply with legal obligations. It is safe to consider that the equipment is designed to be used in Belgium and that the dealer will point out to you that before using the radio equipment you have to apply for a user licence.

BIPT checks regularly and at random whether the radio and telecommunications terminal equipment for sale in Belgian shops complies with the legal requirements.

When buying a device in another EU country and supposing it is a CE marked device, you still have to make sure that the equipment has been designed (by the manufacturer) for use in Belgium.

In addition you need to apply for a licence if the equipment is liable to licence.

When you buy a device from outside the EU you are considered to be an importer. You need to make sure that the equipment meets all the legal requirements. If that is not the case there is a risk that the equipment is seized by the customs  services. 

When buying on the Internet one may think that the dealer or person is located in the EU, but in many cases the product ordered is shipped from outside the EU. The person you order from is just a middleman. Experience shows that a lot of radio equipment ordered on the Internet does not comply with the legislation.  In this case too, there is a risk that the equipment is seized.

It also happens that the manufacturer has two almost identical versions of his product, one for the European market and another (slightly different) version for other markets. The version that is not designed for the European market is usually offered at a lower price than the European version, because the manufacturer does not have to make any efforts to make the equipment in accordance with European regulations.