BIPT Council Communication of 8 December 2015 on the realisation of a statistical survey and analysis regarding the preferences, the needs and the willingness to pay of domestic private and professional users of services relating to the universal postal


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In order to guarantee that the universal postal service (UPS) offer optimally meets the demand for postal services, BIPT has organised a study of the needs, preferences and willingness to pay of the UPS users. The study's method is based on the RAND study 'Study on Appropriate Methodologies to Better Measure Consumer Preferences for Postal Services’ of 2011.

Following a general inquiry on postal services various scenarios regarding universal postal services were submitted to the respondents through the conjoint analysis method. On that basis the preferences, needs and willingness to pay have been mapped. This mission fits in with Article 133, 1°, of the Act of 21 March 1991.

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