Reference offer / implementation

The Belgacom Reference Offer for Terminating Segments of Leased Lines, in short BROTSoLL, is the Belgacom reference offer for terminating segments of leased lines. 

This comprises all leased lines segments, including backhaul and interconnection lines. 

The publication of this reference offer was first imposed in the market analysis decision of 17 January 2007 (corrected by the renewal decision of 10 January 2010). The current version of the reference offer was approved by BIPT on 21 December 2011. 

The decisions regarding the BROTSoLL offer are:

  • decision of 17 June 2009 (modification of the general terms and the annex Pricing and Billing);
  • decision of 3 September 2008 (quantitative aspects)
  • decision of 30 January 2008 (qualitative aspects) 

The decision of 18 March 2009 determines the quality indicators key performance indicators (KPIs), that Belgacom has to publish for the leased lines