Cable and FTTH cost models

The CRC (the Conference of telecommunications and media regulators, i.e. the BIPT, the CSA, the Medienrat and the VRM) adopted on 29 June 2018 (with a corrigendum of 11 July 2018) a number of decisions regarding the analysis of the broadband and broadcasting markets.

These decisions oblige operators, among other things, to charge fair prices for their services regarding wholesale access to broadcasting and broadband.

The CRC Decision of 29 June 2018 on the analysis of the broadband and television broadcasting markets provides that the obligations to charge fair tariffs will be monitored by means of a LRIC bottom-up cost model reflecting the costs of an efficient operator, and by taking the utmost account of the cost calculation method recommended by the European Commission.

Within this framework, BIPT has developed BULRIC cost models for the access to the cable operators’ networks and to Proximus’ FTTH network.