You are entitled to:

  • a basic detailed invoice that you will receive free of charge every three months
  • a more detailed invoice, free of charge, on demand. It will give you detailed information on your calls and Internet consumption. You may request this invoice when you do not agree with the amount you have to pay.

Your invoice:

  • has to clearly mention the tariff simulator;
  • has to mention if the contract has been concluded for a definite or an indefinite period and, where appropriate, at what date a residual value is no longer payable for the terminal equipment that is linked to the subscription, or at what date a termination fee is no longer payable (in case of a fixed-term contract);
  • mentions in a legible and explicit manner, in case of provision of internet access, the facilities offered to keep an e-mail address once the contract has been terminated, at least once a year.
  • Each invoice must mention the Easy Switch number, which is useful if you switch fixed operators.

What has to be mentioned on the telecom invoice?  

The basic invoice has to comprise two parts:

  • the summary including the total amount to be paid for the period of the invoice;
  • the survey including: 
    • he different service categories (keep in mind that the legislator sometimes views a bundle of services (e.g. Internet+TV) as a single service category);
    • the number of times the unit rate for such a type of service has been charged (for instance: 45 call minutes, 118 GB of data);
    • the total amount charged per service category;
    • the possible applicable discounts;
    • the total amount due.

Some numbers do not appear on the invoices, such as those from the help or rescue services.

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