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This market concerns call origination in the public fixed telephony network. Call origination is a service consisting in, for an operator, transmitting calls made by its end-user to the network of another operator. It is used, on the one hand, for the selection/preselection of an operator (CS/CPS) and, on the other hand, for calls to non-geographic numbers (for instance a 0900 number).

Applicable regulatory framework

The decision of 9 July 2019 waived the obligations previously imposed on Proximus on the market for fixed telephony access. This market is now deregulated.

Previous decisions

Market analysis of 2006

The first decision setting the regulatory framework applicable to the wholesale market for call origination was adopted on 11 August 2006.

Belgacom (now named Proximus) was designated as having significant market power and was imposed a series of obligations to fulfil.

This decision was complemented by several subsequent decisions:

Before 2006

Before the implementation of the market analyses system, the regulatory framework for call origination was mainly set via the decisions and opinions below on the BRIO interconnection offer of Belgacom.


Date Document
10 January 2007 Communication on addenda number 6 and 7 of BRIO
7 August 2006 Decision on the costs for the extension of the CSC/CPS scope to short
2 June 2006 Decision on the extension of the CSC/CPS scope to the numbers 12xx, 13xx and 14xx
22 May 2006 Decision on the deactivation of CPS by alternative operators
13 February 2006 Decision on the BRIO 2006 tariffs for access to value-added services
22 December 2005 Decision on the 2006 BRIO offer
29 August 2005 Decision on local CPS tariffs
11 April 2005 Decision on the BRIO tariffs for access to value-added services
16 March 2005 Decision on tariffs for Customer-sited IC links and ATAPs
7 March 2005 Decision on the tariff for accessing the number 1313 from the Belgacom network
23 December 2004 Decision on the 2005 BRIO offer (quantitative aspects)
14 December 2004 Decision on the 2005 BRIO offer (qualitative aspects)
1 June 2004 Decision on the adjustments to the 2004 BRIO offer (SLA, IC links, CSC call routing)
11 May 2004 Decision on access services for numbers associated with value-added services
17 February 2004 Decision on the accessibility of 070 numbers from abroad
16 December 2003 Decision on the 2004 BRIO offer
12 December 2002 Opinion on the 2003 BRIO offer
14 November 2002 Opinion on the 2003 BRIO offer (qualitative aspects)
4 June 2002 Opinion on the adjustments to the 2002 BRIO offer
18 February 2002 Designation of the SMP operators (interconnection and mobile networks)
14 November 2001 Opinion on the 2002 BRIO offer
2 February 2001 Designation of the SMP operators on the interconnection market
14 November 2000 Opinion on the 2001 BRIO offer
28 December 1999 Opinion on the 2000 BRIO offer

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