On 29 June 2018, the Conference of regulators in the electronic communications sector (CRC) adopted a decision on the analysis the broadband and television broadcasting markets.

In accordance with this decision, the relevant operators are, among others, obliged to publish a reference offer, within the framework of their transparency obligations.

This consultation concerns the draft decision of the BIPT Council regarding the reference offer communicated by VOO NV and aiming at evaluating this offer.

You can find the necessary documents below.

How to send the responses to this consultation: per e-mail (subject: CONSULT-2020-B4).
Deadline: until 26 may 2020.
Contact person
nswers must be submitted electronically at the address indicated.
Please use as cover page the cover form that must be attached to the response.
Responses must clearly indicate the confidential information.
BIPT also requests that the comments made refer to the paragraphs and/or parts they concern.

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