For this seventh edition, the national price benchmarking is based on the household profile methodology.

This methodology takes as its starting point the needs of the consumers, which are illustrated on the basis of a dozen households with sufficiently differentiated profiles to get a broad and varied perspective of the market.

It is based on the follow-up of the minimal expenses of an informed consumer to cover their telecom needs while specifying the different types of solutions available on the Belgian residential market.

The telecom solutions which were taken into account to meet the needs of each profile may include:

  • a standalone service (mobile postpaid or internet only);
  • a bundle (2P, 3P, 4P) with one or several mobile subscriptions;
  • a mobile postpaid service of operator A linked with a bundle marketed by the same operator A or operator B (“mixed” solution).

The monthly cost of the plans include the cost of the plan as well as the cost of the add-ons and/or out-of-bundle costs and the activation and/or installation costs depreciated over a period of 3 years. Given their temporary nature, promotions have not been taken into account in this seventh edition.

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